Sep 072009

I’m coming to the conclusion that, when it comes to academic study, I’m a bit weird. I have a meeting with my academic supervisor on Wednesday and I thought I’d have a look through the course lists to see what I might want to do or audit.

It had previously been suggested that I take one taught course and use the essay from it as one of my research essays. So, the most likely candidate for this is the ‘Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics’ course. Strangely, despite my theological affinity with Barth (according to a questionnaire on Facebook – so it must be right) I’ve never studied him in any depth. What I have studied though I have quite liked.

So, anyway, that’s not so weird I guess. But then I had a look through some of the undergraduate courses (how elitist – I’m a postgrad) to see what might be worth auditing. Well, given the basis of my research, how could I possibly ignore a course called ‘Death: Perspectives on Thanatology and Eschatology’? I recall seeing it when I was in third year but it didn’t fit well with my timetable. So now’s my chance to do it. The lecturer is a Roman Catholic priest whose parish is in Falkirk (ish). I had him as a lecturer in first year. He’s good, when you can figure out what he’s on about – he’s a philosopher. Lot’s of talk of cherry trees, dogs and true love over the frozen peas in Tesco. Don’t worry if that’s left you confused – it’s the same reaction the class had at the time. – but it’s obviously stuck in the memory.

Anyway, Barth and Death, the perfect combination. If I sound thoroughly depressed over the next wee while, you’ll know why.

Sep 182008

Well, that’s me registered for another year at New College. This is 4th year. I’ll not say final year as I’m expected to do a postrgrad year for the CofS placements to fit in. Anyway, met my new Director of Studies today and made some changes to my course selection. As well as my honours dissertation, I’ll be studying the following subjects:

  • Biblical Interpretation (mandatory course – couldn’t get out of it)
  • Church, Sacraments and Ministry (another mandatory course)
  • Hebrew Prophecy (a whistlestop tour of OT prophets)
  • Doctrine of Creation (because I enjoy theology and it fits with my dissertation)

My working title (so far) for my dissertation is ‘The Eschatological Affirmation of Creation’s Goodness’. If nothing else I think it sounds impressive. The main focus of it is to explore the implications for creation of an inaugurated eschatology (an idea which I have considerable sympathy with). The good thing is that the dissertation could be taken in a lot of different directions – theology, Biblical Interpretation, ecclesiology and ethics. So, depending on who ends up being my supervisor, I can tailor it to suit. All those avenues interest me so I’d be happy picking up on any of them.

I also spent time and money getting ahead with the reading material for my first class. So, homework for Monday to be done and no rush to find books for the following Monday. Silly amount of reading to do mind you.

So, bang goes real life for another 14 weeks or so.