Tag: Pulpit Supply

  • One down, two to go

    This little stint of pulpit supply has offered me a more interesting reflective opportunity than I first thought it would. As previously mentioned, I’m ‘optimising my time’ by using the same service in three different places (albeit with some revision of hymns and sermon duration). The first one was delivered today and I wasn’t entirely […]

  • Let me just repeat that.

    Many moons ago (well, it seems like it anyway) I agreed to do three pulpit supply dates in August. My thinking was that by the end of July my dissertation would be progressing well and things might be easing off a little. Aye right! Now, one of those churches uses the lectionary and the other […]

  • Law

    I was doing pulpit supply down in Law on Sunday. Lovely wee congregation, very welcoming and some novelties thrown in to boot. First thing I spotted was the video camera. They record the service and distribute dvds to anyone who is unable to get to the service. I was offered one but decided to forego […]