Tag: Prayer

  • Not sure what to think

    With less than a week to go until I preach as sole nominee at Kirriemuir: St. Andrew’s l/w Oathlaw Tannadice, I find my emotions and thoughts in a state of turmoil. In a very real sense I don’t know what to think. There’s the natural anxiety of preparing for such an event (and all my […]

  • A dangerous act

    I am leading the intercessory prayers on Sunday. It’s Remembrance Sunday of course and that makes intercession all the more pointed and necessary. It also adds to the pressure to make them specifically relevant and appropriate. For some inspiration on form and words, I was looking through Walter Brueggemann’s book “Awed to Heaven, Rooted in […]

  • One small step…

    … one not so giant leap. Today I got to participate in a funeral for the first time. It might seem odd that I haven’t done so before now but the opportunity simply hasn’t arisen (and I’ll not mention the microscopic funeral count, relatively speaking, to be ‘enjoyed’ in Brussels). So having had the opportunity […]

  • Law

    I was doing pulpit supply down in Law on Sunday. Lovely wee congregation, very welcoming and some novelties thrown in to boot. First thing I spotted was the video camera. They record the service and distribute dvds to anyone who is unable to get to the service. I was offered one but decided to forego […]

  • A ‘word’ from God

    Someone of my recent acquaintance had asked if they might include me in their prayer ministry – a small group of friends who passed prayer requests to others in the group. Of course I didn’t mind and one evening after church the person spoke to me about a ‘message’ they had felt come to them […]

  • Answered prayer

    In a manner of speaking. Managed to get my Modern Christology essay in this morning after finishing it just before midnight last night. Had a major ‘writer’s block’ by Saturday and what I can only put down to a bit of divine inspiration got it going again on Sunday. If I even hint at doing […]