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  • Summer placement

    It hasn’t been finalised yet but negotiations are ongoing (and looking promising) for my summer placement. It looks likely that I’ll be in one of the Euro parishes over the summer. That should certainly offer a rather different perspective on church life. Anyway, not giving away too much just yet until it has all been […]

  • And today’s feature is…

    The Incredibles! Well, plenty of clips from the film to illustrate the point that we’re all pretty amazing since we’re created by God, in His image and we’re each of us unique and special to Him. Today was my first Sunday at Camelon Parish Church, where I’ll be spending the next 8 months or so. […]

  • Lightly grilled or deep-fried?

    It’s my local review tomorrow (Friday). This is the ‘light grilling’ at the end of my six month assessment placement. The outcome determines whether I will be given a place at one of the National Assessment Conferences and it is there that the final decision will be made about whether or not I will become […]

  • Dazed and confused

    Well, maybe not so much confused, but yesterday I was certainly dazed and more than a little brain-dead by late afternoon. In the morning I was on my hospital placement followed, in the afternoon, by my follow-up PDI – that’s Personal Development Interview in 121-speak. Each of those on its own is taxing enough. Both […]

  • An odd sort of day

    Today has been a bit of an odd day. For the last couple of days I’ve been putting my uni notes in order and giving some thought to the specific areas I’ll concentrate on for revision. But today we had some visitors so the place has had a bit of a tidy-up and I haven’t […]

  • Every second counts…

    Well, I did it! I created a 15 minute sermon after a bit of judicious pruning. Could I have said more? Probably. Should I have said more? Probably not. What I delivered I think worked but I suspect it was a very different style of sermon from usual. Hard to say since I’ve only heard […]

  • 2nd Sunday of Placement

    Today was my second Sunday at KHR Grangemouth. I was delivering the children’s talk and today was also communion. So, before I comment on both, I also want to note that I also spent a lot of time blethering over tea afterwards. They’re a very friendly lot at KHR and it’s great how welcoming they’ve […]

  • Protected: When is outreach not?

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • 1st Sunday of Placement

    Today was my first Sunday at my placement church – Kirk of the Holy Rood in Grangemouth. I was formally introduced to the congregation and participated by doing the readings and the prayers. There was also a Baptism today and a classic moment when the little girl (a toddler, not a baby) was welcomed to […]