Tag: Photos

  • Hiatus

    In case you’re wondering, the recent Israel trip didn’t stop at day 3. It simply transpired that processing everything we had seen and then putting together a condensed version of it for a blog post was just a little too ambitious to do on a daily basis. However, I do hope to get some more […]

  • Caption competition

    No prizes, but this photo has to be worthy of a caption, surely?

  • Being a tourist

    This is the end of my first week of holiday and it’s certainly been a packed one. The weather forecast was a bit mixed for the week so we scheduled lots of indoors stuff. It does mean that I’m a bit ‘museumed-out’, but it’s been an interesting week. So what did we get up to? […]

  • Rotterdam

    I had a little day trip to Rotterdam yesterday, to the ‘Scots International Church‘. There are a couple of things I want to blog about that arose from the visit – ‘blended worship’ and their Mamre project. So, those posts will follow in due course, but in the meantime, you can find some photos here […]

  • Photos from Brussels

    I had a quick scoot round Brussels centre today with my camera and grabbed a few photos. Can’t help but think you can see all these in tourist guides anyway (and at better quality), but at least they’re mine. Anyway, the album can be viewed here.