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  • I want out!

    This story must surely be one of the most ridiculous I’ve read in a while. It simply makes no sense to me at all. Or does it simply reflect the level of (superstitious) ignorance that can be found in ‘Joe Public’? Or does it reflect the confusion and ignorance found in pew-sitters about the rites […]

  • Only probably?

    Professor Richard Dawkins is supporting a publicity campaign to have London buses carry ads saying that “There’s probably no God”. I can’t help but think that he could have been a bit more positive about it given his hard-line atheist stance. Surely he’s not having doubts? I also wonder if it won’t backfire somewhat. Surely […]

  • Another year older

    Well, it’s been ages since I last wrote anything, so my birthday seems to be an appropriate occasion to post something. I got vouchers (Amazon and the bank type) and a big stack of dark chocolate including my favourite Green and Black’s Maya Gold. I don’t eat milk chocolate because of the milk – lactose […]