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  • This time last year

    One year ago, last Thursday, I was ordained and inducted into my first charge. One year ago today (Sunday), I had taken (actually, shared) my first service in that new charge. I had also done a funeral visit, and was preparing to take it in just a few days time. I’d sat in the car […]

  • Settling in

    Well, that’s just over two weeks in ‘the job’. Three Sundays, albeit one where I was preached in, two funerals, initial contacts with one of the primary schools, time with local colleagues, and lots of unpacking and manse-readying. Oh, and a rapidly filling-up diary. If I was being totally honest, I would have to say […]

  • Wow, wow, and thrice wow!

    Well, rather a lot has happened since my last post. I’d been meaning to slip in a few little updates since announcing my ordination and induction, but it always seemed I had so much to say and never quite enough time to sit down and order my thoughts into a coherent blog update. Now there […]

  • Ordination and Induction

    The date has been set for my Ordination and Induction to the charge of Kirriemuir St. Andrew’s l/w Oathlaw Tannadice. It will take place on the 23rd of February 2012 at 7.00pm in Kirriemuir St Andrew’s Church. Presbytery will gather at 6.45 for those who wish to join them. Location and directions available on the […]

  • Now I know what to think

    At least I’m beginning to know what to think. After the ‘confusion‘ of last week, I am pleased to report that that has now given way to a mixture of excitement and trepidation – and there’s no confusion; that’s exactly how I feel. Sunday was the ‘big day’, preaching as sole nominee at Kirriemuir: St. […]

  • New Year, New Start

    I’m not given to writing retrospectives, so this isn’t a look back on last year (which was, to be fair, eventful enough). Rather, this marks the start of a year (and more) of very new things indeed. I’ve also been a bit reluctant to blog about the most recent developments in my application process. The […]