Tag: Humour

  • In view of the weather…

    … it would be sensible to ensure that the weight of snow on the roof does not cause damage to guttering. Clearing ice and snow may be a sensible precaution. This is not how to do it though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5lcX_M9AmI

  • How to be a clone

    In a stroke of good luck (sorry, blessing), Michael Patton published a list of rules all new Christians must follow. It is a very useful follow-up on my post on Christian clones. (And, yes, it is tongue-in-cheek – I think).

  • A time to laugh

    There is a time for everything… … a time to weep and a time to laugh. It would seem that the task of training for ministry is a serious one – and none would deny it. But it seems that some candidates just don’t take their spiritual formation seriously enough. After all, every task must […]

  • I can has street cred?

    For a bit of a humorous diversion, I scan ICHC. Now the family have found it and I regularly hear the girls in fits of giggles. Well, I got a mega street-cred boost when a picture I submitted made it to the front page. Caroline reckons I’m a bit sad but the girls were seriously […]