Tag: Holidays

  • Getting away

    For the last five years, every time there has been ‘holiday’ break, I’ve never really had the opportunity to take advantage of it. Quite apart from the lack of funds, it seemed that every Christmas and Easter break was spent either revising for exams or doing stuff for placements. It has been a long time […]

  • Interlude

    It’s been almost a month since I last blogged anything (and then, only briefly). I’m not on placement at the moment, so there are fewer things to reflect on in that regard; I took a break from the academic work to catch up on some house maintenance that has been sadly neglected over the last […]

  • Stuff (and nonsense)

    Another long gap between updates but my excuse this time is that I have been on holiday. and then had some catching up to do. Add to that two weddings and a joyous day spent trying ot get to a meeting at 121 and I’ve not had the time to think about blogging. First wedding […]