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  • Getting away

    For the last five years, every time there has been ‘holiday’ break, I’ve never really had the opportunity to take advantage of it. Quite apart from the lack of funds, it seemed that every Christmas and Easter break was spent either revising for exams or doing stuff for placements. It has been a long time […]

  • Temporary respite

    I’m back home for a couple of days. I graduate tomorrow (Friday) and I’m not looking forward to being kilted and gowned if the weather is as hot and humid as it is today. I still hold to the vain hope that despite all the ‘hospitality’ in Brussels I can still get my kilt on […]

  • Family ministry?

    One of my favourite blogs, Internetmonk, recently posted a video which was a pretty good parody of too many Christian youth programmes. One of the commenters made a good point about youth ministry and family ministry. He asked the question, “How can we expect parents to teach their children when adults are largely ignorant of […]

  • SQA art2008

    We (the family) popped down to the Scottish Parliament today to view the SQA’s art exhibition. We had a particular interest because Alison’s Higher Art expressive piece had been chosen for inclusion. I tried to get some piccies of it but I had trouble with the reflections from the windows. Anyway, here’s a wee taster […]

  • Tomsk

    Our last pussy cat had to be taken to the vet this morning. He was over 18 years old and was in failing health. In the last few days he had all but given up on life, not eating and barely drinking so it was time to let him have his rest. Many memories though.

  • An occasion

    I’ve had to duck out of doing pulpit supply at Lanark Greyfriars a week on Sunday. But it’s for a very good reason. My older daughter, along with some others from the youth fellowship, will be joining the church that day and I’d really like to be there. (It just so happens I’m on duty […]

  • First contact

    It’s amazing how succinct a teenager’s texts can be when there are far more interesting things to concentrate on. In response to my text, “How was the flight? How is Nairobi?” the following reply was given: “It’s cl! Small” Pretty much sums up a laid back attitude I suppose. Barring one other, equally brief, text […]

  • Bags packed, ready to go.

    Not me, but both daughters. Only problem is that they have to be at Glasgow airport before 4am tomorrow, so it’s a case of grabbing a few hours rest and heading off very early and putting up with the inevitable overnight roadworks. And where are they off to? Malawi, via Amsterdam and Nairobi, for a […]

  • A grand day out

    We (the girls and I) were out walking today with a group of people from the church. Nothing strenuous – just a wee wander near Airthrey Castle which sits in the grounds of Stirling Uni. After a tasty lunch at Corrielli’s Cafe in Stirling, we decided to go up the Wallace Monument. Some photos can […]

  • And on a lighter note…

    I’ve got a whirlwind of social activities this weekend (well, two!). Today (Friday) I’m off to a Burns Supper. It’s not usually my ‘thing’. I like Burns’ poetry well enough but it’s not my usual choice of bedtime reading. But, this Burns Supper is a bit special. My dad has been a lifelong Burns fan […]