Tag: Ethics

  • Dishonesty

    On Sunday, part of my sermon had a go at unethical business practices and how we, as consumers, and as Christians, had a part to play in making ethical choices in our consumption. Well, here’s my opportunity to speak out against downright dishonest and misleading business practice.

  • That decision

    I’ve not had a chance to blog about Saturday night’s session at the General Assembly, but it can’t have escaped your notice that the Church of Scotland are inducting gay ministers. Unforunately, that story, and many others, are reporting a somewhat distorted view of what the session was all about. Stewart gives a fair summary […]

  • Carbon offsetting

    I recently received an email newsletter from my web hosting company (a wee plug for NSDesign) offering to match a donation towards tree-planting as part of their carbon footprint offsetting plan. Apparently all their new accounts (since last year) have been hosted on servers in a carbon-neutral data centre. I’m on an older account which […]