Oct 212009

I had a very fruitful meeting with my academic supervisor today. It wasn’t intended as anything other than a bit of a catch up, but it turned out to be a most useful boost. I know that I’m only 5 weeks into the Masters course, but I was already feeling that I was lacking focus and direction. I knew where one 5k-word essay was coming from but the others were still somewhat vague (nebulous even and at risk of ending up in a quagmire). I’m not saying that the revised track is better focused, but it does seem to fit well and is a bit more interesting than what I had planned originally. Continue reading »

Nov 212008

Words that is. 2 essays and 1 dissertation and that’s it for my BD.

I console myself with the thought that it’s only about 6 sermons worth and that doesn’t sound so bad.

And then there’s the exams as well – 2 on the same day this semester. And they’re the two more difficult subjects into the bargain.

Then of course there’s the 30000 words of a Masters degree to do next year.

I’m beginning to wish I hadn’t started this post. I felt so positive after finishing off my latest essay this morning too.