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  • Lack of progress

    I’ve been struggling with an essay for the last couple of weeks or so. Not that I don’t know what to write or that I’m not interested in the subject, but simply that I am struggling to motivate myself to get on with it. Part of the problem is a busy time on placement. I […]

  • Church, Sacraments and Ministry

    This is the one and only taught course I’m doing this semester and the only class is on Friday mornings (first one tomorrow). I’ve been looking through the course information to decide on which tutorial to try and nab and which essay to go for. None of the essay titles particularly leapt out at me […]

  • Answered prayer

    In a manner of speaking. Managed to get my Modern Christology essay in this morning after finishing it just before midnight last night. Had a major ‘writer’s block’ by Saturday and what I can only put down to a bit of divine inspiration got it going again on Sunday. If I even hint at doing […]