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  • Shattered!

    Not long back from Crossover. Although the numbers were well down this year, there was still a great atmosphere and most things went well. Interestingly, even though the numbers were down, the activities were still very busy. It was just that there were fewer groups simply hanging around. The labyrinth we ran was good, with […]

  • Camping the easy way

    Next weekend is Crossover and my old youth group are going – a great mob of them too, something like 27. Anyway, I was helping out tonight and, by way of preparation, everyone with a tent was invited to bring it along to try pitching them in the church hall. It meant that we could […]

  • Labyrinth thoughts

    No, I don’t mean the twisted and contorted way my mind works. Rather, I’ve been trying to put together some thoughts for the labyrinth at Crossover this year. The general theme for the festival is ’10’ – it’s Crossover number 10 – and there’s the obvious ’10 commandments’ idea which a number of agencies are […]

  • Crossover

    Planning for Crossover 2008 is now officially underway. The dates are confirmed and the website has had a revamp (and no apologies for it looking familiar – it’ll get properly ‘themed’ when the graphics bods have had a go). The theme is ’10’ or ‘X’ (think Roman numerals) since this is Crossover number 10 (well, […]