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  • One church

    I’ve been working through some reading for my first research essay and it’s starting to take shape in my head. Just need it to start taking shape on paper now. Anyway, it’s part of my overall investigations into the theology of emerging church (my research direction wandered off at a tangent and is now heading […]

  • Challenging words

    The last ‘proper’ Barth class was today and, whilst the readings have often been heavy going, their challenge to faith and theology is very clear. There have been many quotable parts, but my particular favourite came with the readings for today. From Church Dogmatics IV/3, the context is Barth challenging how the church (or more […]

  • Good enough

    I have been doing some cramming for tomorrow’s exams and one of my topics was Barth’s take on Providence. I came across a comment about creation and it brought to mind a previous discussion on the goodness or fallen-ness of creation. Barth was making the point that creation was good enough – good enough to […]

  • More theology stuff

    I know I said I’d probably blog about the pastoral care course but we’ve just been doing some Barth today and I feel an urge to share. Actually, I got off to a bad start – I had a cold for most of last week and couldn’t get my head round any of the readings […]