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  • Long time, no see

    Oh look! A blog! I’d almost forgotten this was here. Well, not really, but I have been neglecting it somewhat in recent months. Once again, it’s not that there’s nothing to report, just that the time needed to get it sorted in my head and then formulate a suitable blog entry has always been a […]

  • All sorts of things

    Yet again, I’ve been caught out with blog updates. And yet again, it’s not that nothing has been happening; merely that it’s all sorts of little things rather than any one thing that causes me to stop and reflect (and blog). Perhaps most worthy of note though is the continuing ‘unsettledness’ as we’re still not […]

  • Building

    I suspect that this post may end up somewhat incoherent because I’m still absolutely knackered from the weekend and my brain is somewhat mushy (moreso than usual, anyway). The reason I’m so tired is that I spent the weekend with 32 sixth-year pupils and around 10 staff from Grangemouth High School at their team-building weekend. […]

  • Protected: 2 school services

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Family ministry?

    One of my favourite blogs, Internetmonk, recently posted a video which was a pretty good parody of too many Christian youth programmes. One of the commenters made a good point about youth ministry and family ministry. He asked the question, “How can we expect parents to teach their children when adults are largely ignorant of […]

  • I’m not a luddite really

    Stewart is currently mulling over a discussion topic for this year’s Church of Scotland National Youth Assembly. Unsurprisingly its focus is on the use of media and technology in a church setting. Unsurprisingly I remain to be convinced of its effectiveness. That’s not to say that I don’t think it’s useful. Rather, I’m not convinced […]

  • A public persona

    One of my tasks in looking after the Crossover web presence is to keep an eye on the Crossover Bebo page. We get a regular flow of people signing up as friends and I do have a quick look at their Bebo site. Maybe I’m just an old fuddy-duddy but what I see, I find […]

  • Shattered!

    Not long back from Crossover. Although the numbers were well down this year, there was still a great atmosphere and most things went well. Interestingly, even though the numbers were down, the activities were still very busy. It was just that there were fewer groups simply hanging around. The labyrinth we ran was good, with […]

  • Camping the easy way

    Next weekend is Crossover and my old youth group are going – a great mob of them too, something like 27. Anyway, I was helping out tonight and, by way of preparation, everyone with a tent was invited to bring it along to try pitching them in the church hall. It meant that we could […]

  • School show

    A while ago I offered to help out at this year’s school show. The main reason for doing so was that the sound quality was always a bit ropey and, having had a bit of experience with our worship group, I thought I might be able to help. What makes me qualified to offer assistance […]