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  • We remember

    In remembering the dead, we do not forget or forsake the living. In remembering war, we do not forget our search for peace. In praying for peace, we do not dishonour those who have given their body, their mind, their life. For we give thanks for the love which enables one to give selflessly for […]

  • Israel Diary – Day 6, Haram Esh-Sharif

    We were especially privileged on our trip to have with us some excellent guides and thanks to the scholarly contacts of one of them we had an invitation to visit the mosques which now sit atop the Temple mount in the old town in Jerusalem. The most famous is perhaps the Dome on the Rock […]

  • The problem of words

    As someone whose job is ‘words’ it should mean that I am more careful than many about how they are used and, indeed, which ones I use. I can get very picky about words – especially theological ones. I dislike ‘sloppy’ words which get one into a fankle when speaking of God. I dislike inaccurate […]

  • Crisis!? What crisis?

    Last night, BBC Scotland aired a short documentary, A Church in Crisis?, about the Church of Scotland and its current circumstances. The broadcast date marks the anniversary of the Kirk’s creation following the Scottish Reformation. Peter has already blogged about the programme and notes that it offered a balanced view of the Kirk’s present state. […]