Category: Placement

  • A thought on communion

    Today was communion and I’m afraid I had a very mischievous thought at the way it’s done at KHR. It was prompted by a particular wording of the prayer I was saying near the start of the service. I was speaking about the bread and wine as visible reminders of the body and blood of […]

  • 2 Conversations

    I had 2 very interesting conversations after church this morning. Each quite different, but each challenging in their own way. The first was as I was heading through for a coffee. I was ‘collared’ and asked if I could explain something. “Why, ” I was asked, “did Jesus cry out on the cross that His […]

  • An odd sort of day

    Today has been a bit of an odd day. For the last couple of days I’ve been putting my uni notes in order and giving some thought to the specific areas I’ll concentrate on for revision. But today we had some visitors so the place has had a bit of a tidy-up and I haven’t […]

  • A ‘word’ from God

    Someone of my recent acquaintance had asked if they might include me in their prayer ministry – a small group of friends who passed prayer requests to others in the group. Of course I didn’t mind and one evening after church the person spoke to me about a ‘message’ they had felt come to them […]

  • Sunday schools and children’s ministry

    Last Sunday I was sitting in with the primary Sunday school groups and it got me thinking again about one of my bugbears when it comes to working with young people. I see little evidence of ‘joined up thinking’ and perhaps even the sharing of best practice. It’s all very well following the same material, […]

  • Schools work

    I had an opportunity to tag along with David on a visit to a local primary school today. David has the enviable position of being school chaplain with virtually unrestricted access to classes. This is a rarity these days and I guess that brings with it a lot of pressure. The kids were very attentive […]

  • Adepto a motto

    Which, crudely translated, means ‘Get a motto’ (in Latin). Mottoes are the theme for my talk tomorrow and I had been hunting round the web for some ideas for useful mottoes. I came across a list of mottoes for some Scottish names at ElectricScotland (an interesting site if you’ve never visited – run by an […]

  • Women!

    Actually, doesn’t merit an exclamation. Last Sunday, I received an invitation to KHR’s Women’s Association dedication service. This took place this evening and a most enjoyable time was had. I wonder, does it mean you’ve ‘arrived’ when the Guild or the Women’s Association invite you to something? I don’t mean that in any derogatory way […]