A Journey


It all began when I was a young lad.

Actually, no it didn’t. I missed out on Christianity during my formative years and grew up as a normal cynic, with no thought given to the big questions such as, “So, what’s it all about then?”

To be fair, I was exposed to religion at an early age at Hamilton Baptist Church. That was the ‘family church’ in the sense that those of my family of a certain age (old) and who were of a religious bent, went to that particular church. However, my parents stopped going after a particularly unpleasant visit from an elder. My family has a fair sprinkling of Protestants and Catholics through numerous ‘mixed marriages’ – a relatively unusual phenomenon in a west of Scotland/Glasgow area town where sectarianism was (and still is) very prevalent. For example, my maternal grandmother was a Catholic; my maternal grandfather was a member of the Orange Lodge – figure that one out. That said, only a few were ‘good Catholics’, regularly attending Mass. I do remember though, my Gran saying that she was sure I was going to pass my driving test (2nd time round) because she said a special rosary for me.

Anyway, the upshot was that, although exposed to religion, I did not come from an especially religious background but I never felt uncomfortable in church.

I started going to church again at the approach of the birth of my first child.

And so I became a regular churchgoer, but not a Christian. That happened a number of years later and it’s all Bryan Kerr’s fault. He was organising our summer mission and I had some holidays left to take.

He asked, in his questionnaire, “What areas/age groups/activities are you willing to work in?”

I said, “Any.”

He read it as, “All.”

And so I had a busy week at the end of which I realised that I couldn’t be a Sunday morning ‘Christian’. I either needed to get serious or get honest. I decided to get serious, and took my first step along a path that didn’t lead where I expected it might.

  2 Responses to “A Journey”

  1. Not dull and ordinary, but inspired. So thank you for sharing your journey so far. It’s made me make some sense of mine!

  2. Somehow came across your blog while looking for the words for ‘One more step along the road I go’. Thanks for the story of your faith journey so far. It’s reminded me that God’s not finished with me yet, and has purposes that I don’t know about yet.

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