We remember

poppyIn remembering the dead,
we do not forget or forsake the living.

In remembering war,
we do not forget our search for peace.

In praying for peace,
we do not dishonour those who have given
their body, their mind, their life.

For we give thanks
for the love
which enables one
to give selflessly for another,
even unto death;
while at the same time,
we lament the necessity.

And in the grief we bear
for those who have lost
a limb, a mind, a life,
we hold fast
to the hope we have in God,
and in his Son, Jesus,
who gave his life,
so that we might understand something
of God’s love for us.

And so that we might seek
the gift of His Spirit
so that we will have the strength
to show love,
and mercy,
and forgiveness.

All of this we do,
as we remember
those who have served,
and who still serve.

We will remember.

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