Jun 102009

Degree awards have now been published (although I’m still waiting for the final marks), but I have been awarded a 2:1. Or to give it its proper title, “Bachelor of Divinity with Honours Second Class, Division One”.


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  1. Well done you!!!

    I heard one of your new congregation on Radio Scotland yesterday talking about life in Brussels.

  2. I was not in any doubt… bet you’re really curious to know what you got for you diss tho’. 
    Apparently, the results are not being posted in the arch this year because a small group of students complained, saying it was easy to figure out who got what – even tho’ it is done by exam numbers.  Bizarre.  Even tho’ it’ll all be put in the Scotsman on gradaution day. 
    Anyway, sorry, small rant.
    Yay, congrats and see you in school for the start of play as a postgrad, dear boy.  🙂
    [of course, will see you at conference before then, but you know what I mean!!]

  3. Well done John. You worked hard for it. Have a wee celebration on me !! 

  4. Congratulations. Just remember, you can’t put the letters after your name until graduation, officially. But, who cares?

    Will you miss your graduation, being in Brussels?

  5. Thank you all.
    I’ll be flying back to graduate and heading back out again straight afterwards. Couldn’t possibly miss graduation. My parents would never forgive me for a start.

  6. Well done! You certainly deserve it after all your hard work!

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