May 262009

Does anyone have the definitive version of Dr McPake’s motion (as amended) from Saturday night at GA?

I’ve seen so many variants of who can comment and who can’t and under what circumstances that I’d really like to see the actual words. My impression is that the ‘gagging order’ is aimed at the councils and committees of the church, but I’d like to know if it extends to all who are under the discipline of church courts.

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  1. Hi John,
    Definite words will be printed in tomorrow’s daily papers (I think), if not they will appear in supplementary reports and you may get sent those. If you got the Blue Book, you will get the pleasure…

  2. Thanks David.
    I’ll see what appears.

  3. yes it covers everyone under the discipline of all the courts of the church … ie all members of the Church of Scotland.  

  4. Hi Swimming Sheep,
    Welcome, and thanks for commenting, even though you don’t bring welcome news.


    Minister still speaking to press… pretty open definance letter to Scotsman

  6. Yes, he looks like he wants to push to be the first test case…

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