Jan 282009

And nothing to do with sprouts.

It looks as though this is where I will be spending 12 weeks of the summer. Thanks to an exceptionally generous answer to prayer for accommodation, the last barrier to my summer placement has gone. The details have still to be finalised but I think it’s close enough to be pretty certain.

I will be working with St. Andrew’s Church of Scotland in Brussels and I’m really looking forward to it. What’s more, it looks like the family will also be able to join me (one of the original obstacles to overcome) for a significant part of my placement.

The timetable is pretty tight to fit in the required 10 weeks prior to the August Candidates’ Conference. I finish up in Camelon on Sunday the 31st of May and jump on a plane on the Monday or Tuesday. I get back the day before the August conference.

More details as and when they are confirmed, but it all looks good so far.

  3 Responses to “Bruxelles”

  1. Fantastic! Sounds like you’re going to have a very interesting summer!

  2. A handy little placement. Not too far, yet at distance to give you good time to reflect on things, as well as giving a break to family.

  3. If anyone wants to know a bit more about St Andrew’s Brussels here is our website:


    We are also founder members¬† of ¬†“Churches Together” in Belgium:


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