Ministry geek?

Is there such a thing as a ministry geek? If so, I think I’m turning into one.

Standing at the washhand basin this morning I was thinking about our new boiler. It’s a combi type so our hot water tank has gone. I now have to wait for the water to heat up but with the positive side being that it just keeps going and the pressure is great.

Now (and here’s the geek bit), it sprang to mind that there might be a sermon in this. The hot water tank gave instant gratification. The hot water’s always on tap – until you use too much and then you’ve nothing. The combi boiler, on the other hand, might be a bit slow to get going but once it starts it just keeps going and with far more power than the old system. But then it struck me that there was nothing wrong with the old way – it was simply different. So long as you kept topping up the heat. You might need to be patient to get results again, but they’d eventually come.

So, am I in danger of becoming (being) a ministry geek and can you take a plumbing analogy too far?

Still, there’s got to be at least a children’s talk in that, surely?


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  1. I know, I know!
    But when you’re standing shaving you might as well occupy your mind with something (like not cutting yourself, I suppose).

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