The fat lady is clearing her throat

That title is not meant to be sexist or fattist (honest) but rather a reference to my third exam being finished thereby leaving only one more exam for my remaining time at uni (you’ll notice I’m still not thinking about my dissertation). No exams if I do a masters, just lots of essays.

Today’s Hebrew Prophecy exam was pretty predictable. It was the same exam paper from 2 years ago barring a couple of questions, one of which was from last year’s paper. Seemed to go well enough. Nothing spectacular but it should be good enough to maintain my 2:1 average.

Also got my Biblical Interpretation book review back. I got 60% which is far more than I expected and certainly more than I think it deserved. Lots of comments about it being a summary with little critical engagement. Well, can’t disagree as that’s pretty much where I left it knowing that it wouldn’t get a great mark, but good enough for a pass.

So, only one more subject to do and a dissertation to churn out and that’ll be it. The time seems to have flown by yet again and I don’t imagine next semester will be any different. I will be a lot busier with placement duties though, so that should fill in all the gaps I’ll have with only one subject to do.

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  1. Maybe she needs a strepsil !!
    I know that you aren’t, but this may be a timely warning, don’t underestimate the work you’ll need to do on your placement. There are loads of rules about what should and shouldn’t be taken on, but there is a tendency to want to do more to enhance the experience. There is a balance that needs to be struck between the rest of the course (even if it is, or even more so because it is) just essays and dissertations. That’ll require a lot of reading and preparation.
    That said, it’s perfectly normal to have this breathing out before the Christmas break (??!).  Enjoy what you can !!

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