Returned intact

Returned about mid-afternoon, absolutely shattered. The lunchtime coffee hit has worn off and my eyes are drooping.

Absolutely loads to blog about and I’ll be doing that over the next few days as I get my thoughts sorted out. Only problem is that I suffered a bit of a brain error and left my notebook behind. Hopefully someone has spotted it and picked it up or I can fetch it when I’m up in St. Andrews in a couple of weeks again.

Was it what I expected? Yes and no and so much more of both.

Was it challenging? Absolutely!

Did I learn anything? Loads!

Would I go again? Trick question, but, yes, I’m looking forward to the next one.

One response to “Returned intact”

  1. Glad you survived! It is a bit intense, and hard work etc. I was a bit disappointed with parts of it, especially as this was my last one. Much was entertaining, but I found it difficult to engage with it, and the Theological Reflection group was wholly unsatisfactory.  Apart from the worship (and the fellowship), the highlight for me was the talk on care of dementia sufferers – excellent stuff!

    Roll on probationary conferences!

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