Exam results

Last semester’s exam results are now out. I’ve managed 3 ‘B’s which is quite fine by me. That’s ‘B’s for all of last year’s subjects (although I’m still waiting for official confirmation of the 1st semester results) which keeps me on course for an eventual 2:1 or 2:2 (if I ease off a bit).

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  1. Congrats, John. Good results.
    But don’t be tempted to ease off. Take the chance that you have to do as well as you can. You won’t get a huge amount of time for this kind of study when you end up in the parish. Study leave is great, but two weeks (or so) every couple of years is no substitute for what you are experiencing now.
    Enjoy the summer break to recharge batteries, you may want to take take pulpit supply when you can get it !

  2. Well done! I’m still waiting for mine! I decided this half term just to do enough to pass; not to read too much and concentrate only on the assessments. Didn’t work out – when it came to it, I still wanted to give it a good shot and worked as much as ever! (I’m still giggling over the continual very high marks for “originality” – does this mean I’m unorthodox – or heretic??)

  3. Heretic, definitely. 😉
    In first year I made every effort to read and understand the recommended readings and I ended up putting in silly hours and getting mid-level ‘B’s. In second year I decided to read just what I felt I needed to to get to grips with the topic and skim read the rest if I felt it was worth it. I got my life back, managed to be in bed the same day I got up and got mid-level ‘B’s. Needless to say, I have continued to model my study life on 2nd year, not 1st.

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