And so 3rd year draws to a close

Yesterday was my second, and last. exam of the semester and for third year at uni. Not one of my better ones it has to be said, but I should have done enough for a comfortable pass. It was a bit difficult to focus on the revision after last week’s news – that’s my excuse anyway.

But now I have to turn my attention to more mundane matters, like work for the summer. Ideally I’d like to be getting more church experience and I’ve been offered bits an pieces of pulpit supply. It would be nice to get broader experience, but so few churches seem to be looking for assistants at the moment. I do have one possibility in the area but it needs to be approved by Ministries Council so I’m not holding my breath.

The other thing I could pick up on is website design. I was thinking of using (abusing?) the presbytery list to see if any churches in the area wanted a website done. I’ve recently put together a site for Falkirk High School’s trip to Malawi (which both my daughters are going on). Between my experience of WordPress and Joomla I can make the sites as complex or as simple as necessary. I was also thinking about Stewart’s post about ichurch. My hosting provider is able to give me the facilities I’d need to implement a similar scheme and there are one or two domain names available that would be useful. My concern about that though is the longer term support, especially since ichurch is a one-off fee.

Before I get embroiled in that though I have a few things to sort out like a labyrinth for Crossover.

But maybe I should behave like a real student and go and sleep on it.

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