And I’m back

Absolutely drained as well.

Well, I think it all went reasonably well. I think I put myself across as well as I was able and if I get a negative decision I don’t think it’ll be because of how I performed at the conference.

I did have one glitch with the Church assessors’ interview. Surprise! surprise! it was on the subject of baptism. I clarified what had been said in the local review report and that was fine but then I was asked what I would do if someone asked to be rebaptised. I stated that I wouldn’t do one but then the conversation got rather convoluted as one of the assessors wanted further clarification about what I had meant by offering a service of blessing or similar. We ended up talking at cross-purposes and we both turned to the second assessor and asked her understanding of what I’d said. She then summarised exactly what I’d said and affirmed the ‘correctness’ of my viewpoint. Hopefully that’ll be ok and nothing will come of it. I did raise it as an issue with the Conference Director and he will ‘arbitrate’ if it becomes an issue at their considerations.

Anyway, it’s all done now. There’s nothing more I can do and I don’t think I could have done anything more during the conference. The result should be out Wednesday or Thursday.

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  1. I’m glad it went OK for you. I met some folk from KHR today at the National Gathering – lot’s of prayers have been said to support you! All will be well, and all manner of things will be well! Blessings.

  2. Thanks CB.

    Hope you enjoyed the National Gathering. I was disappointed at missing it but I guess some things take priority and I was just too drained on Sunday to trek through.

    Well, even after 36 hours of ‘reflection’ I’m still pretty much of the same opinion – I did all I could. I really can’t come up with any ‘if onlys’ so it’s time to switch off from it and turn attention to my exam tomorrow.

  3. Exams have a habit of focussing the mind !!
    Glad that CB met folks from KHR. Not sure who CB actually is, but thanks for taking the time to stop by our tent. We were gloriously mis-labelled Council of Churches…. 
    Will look for an email/blog intimating the result of the gathered assessors in due course.
    Sounds like baptism was a confusing view in the assessors, but glad the other one summarised and affirmed your view. 

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