Wot, no blogging?

Been too busy to post what I wanted today. I’ve been doing a bit of DIY. Why is it that simple jobs end up becoming more complex than you’d like? I know this to be true and yet I persist in doing the simple jobs.

The task in hand was fit a wall light in the shower room. If truth be told, the original requirement was to fit a shaver socket so that the electric toothbrush could be put on charge somewhere tidy and convenient. I priced up shaver sockets and wall boxes and decided that I would actually be cheaper buying a combined light/socket. It also seemed that I was then getting something for nothing, so to speak (the light).

So, off I went to Screwfix and procured a light/shaver unit whilst avoiding purchasing boys’ toys like hammer drills and crowbars. Got it home, opened it up, took one look at the wiring and realised that it wasn’t suitable. The socket only came on when the light was on. Considered rewiring it but thought I’d seek out ‘expert opinion’. Next stop, the Screwfix forums and posted a question, only to be be slapped down and told that, “if I was asking questions like that I wasn’t qualified to do the job in he first place!” I, of course, took umbrage at that, pointing out that 25 years in the electronics industry, with considerable experience of designing power distribution and control, left me with enough knowledge to know how to wire up a light (that and the ‘sparky’ course I did at college many, many years ago). Anyway, decided that the sensible thing to do was to buy a proper light/socket unit – almost double the price, but it was, at least, the proper thing and no fiddling required.

Decided to wire it up today, Went into loft and could barely get near the area I needed to work in for old carpet remnants (you never know when they’ll be useful – well, I do now and the answer’s “never!”). Decided to remove old carpets first. There were a lot more than I realised. Piled them all in the garage and decided to bundle them because our special uplift will only take 5 items max. Ended up with lovely blisters from all the handling and tying up. Still not wired the light you’ll notice. Had lunch instead.

Started wiring light. Poked holes in wall for fixings and cable. Worked out whereabouts in the loft I needed to fit cable. Poked hole in ceiling from loft only to discover lump of wood directly under that bit of the partition wall. Got drill into loft and drilled through wood. Fed cable into hole and went back to shower room to look for it. No sign of it. Back into loft and more poking. lo and behold, it appeared where it was supposed to. Wired up light and back into loft to wire up the other end (this time in the dark since the power was off). Lots of faffing around, juggling torches, screwdrivers and junction boxes, but finally got it done, all the while getting more and more irritated by the glass wool insulation. Switched it all on and it worked!

See, wiring up a light, dead simple! It’s all the preparation that’s the hard bit.

And then, to cap off a wonderful day, I had presbytery tonight.

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