Aug 312007

When I chose my blog name – OrrWhat? – I had forgotten that my daughter uses that for her Bebo site. Mind you, that was at my suggestion, so, arguably, it’s mine anyway. However, it did make me wonder whether I should come up with a better name. The advantage of hosting this blog on my own webspace is that I can do this. I’m not tied to an allocated name from a blog service provider, and the url remains the same – only the page title changes.
So, should I change it, or does it reflect the ownership of the blog (Orr being my last name) and the nature of the blog (questions on my part)? It’s also one of those phrases from my past when folk would ask my name. I’d say, “John Orr.” The reply was always, “Orr what?” Can’t say as it necessarily got better when I got older either.
Anyway, if you, dear reader, have any other suggestions, I’m all ears.

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  1. Perhaps in your role as parent you should allow your daughter to havd ‘Orr What?’ and you should chnage your blog to ‘Orr Else!’.

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